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The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch

Like a crown jewel, The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch, awaits you at this outdoor paradise. Complimenting nature's grandeur, Three Forks offers a place to come back to. A glass of wine, a gathering of friends, life well lived.

After a glorious day of activities at this magical playground. return to your luxurious room, experience an exhilarating massage, enjoy your favorite libation at the Middle Fork Lounge, and satisfy your palate with their five star dining. With only 15 bedrooms, The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch honors it's guests with a unique combination of warm hospitality, unspoiled privacy, and lavish comfort.

The Lodge

Much like a crown of royalty, the Sierra Madres set at the top of the outdoor recreational world. Offering miles of unmatched trout streams, soaring mountain tops, and limitless acres of Aspen covered meadows; this magical playground offers more activities than a day can hold.
The crown jewel of this outdoor paradise awaits you at The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch. Complimenting nature's grandeur, Three Forks offers a place to come back to. A glass of wine, a gathering of friends, life well lived.
Beamed cathedral ceilings, exquisitely hand carved European paneling, and majestic yet elegant fireplaces define the Lodge as an architectural monument; a befitting exclamation in this land of wonder.
After a glorious day of flyfishing or alpine skiing, return to your luxurious room, experience an exhilarating massage, enjoy your favorite libation at the Middle Fork Lounge, and satisfy your palate with our five star dining. Offering only 15 bedrooms, The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch honors our guests with a unique combination of warm hospitality, unspoiled privacy, and lavish comfort.

The Roaring Fork Spa

The "Roaring Fork Spa" nestled inside The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch has quickly become a focal point of vacations at the Ranch. This 6000 square foot facility offers the finest in destination spa service. Complete with treatment rooms, hottubs, exercise facility, indoor/outdoor pool, and steam rooms, our spa truly allows you to experience the Three Forks lifestyle, and the opportunity to slow life down. Our extensive spa menu allows you to select the treatment of choice or select packages with multiple treatments. Our therapists use the Phytomer line of spa products to mold your body and mind into a total well being. After a great day of fly fishing or an invigorating session of cross-country skiing, return to the "Roaring Fork Spa." Return to a lifestyle sought; a lifestyle enjoyed.

Wine Tasting

Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, California, French, Italian!!! How will I ever know which one I like? Sign up for one of our weekly wine tastings. Learn about the different regions that produce the grapes. Learn about the different grapes and the process that turns them into fine wine. Complete with cheese and crackers, tease your palate until you find the varietal you enjoy.

Cooking Classes

There seems to be no end to the magic that comes out of our kitchen at The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch. This is your opportunity to see how they do it and actually stir the pot. Chef Marc and Chef Megan have a great rotation of delectable delights they are willing to share. Today's class may focus on homemade pasta. Tomorrow's class may be whipping up chocolate treasures. Whatever the menu, we are sure you will enjoy digging deep into the secrets of the Three Forks kitchen.
Summer Activities

Mother Nature in all her glory. 50°F nights, 80°F days, low humidity and lots of sunshine. The perfect recipe for an action-packed summer vacation. The Little Snake River is begging to show off. Glistening Rainbow Trout tease your every cast, waiting for an invitation to the dance. There he goes taildancing across the water. Are you leading or is he??
Try all of our summer adventures. Horseback riding, ATV rides, Sporting Clays, Horse-drawn carriage rides, and energizing trips to the spa all fit in an action-packed week at Three Forks.

Horseback Riding


Three Forks Ranch has a fine complement of horses for your riding pleasure, including horses that are suitably gentle for inexperienced riders.
Trail riding is always an option on the ranch. Scenic trails access views not otherwise seen. Wildlife spotting is excellent from the back of a horse.
The Three Forks Ranch cowboy crew is always moving cattle. Saddle up, make a hand and get a close up view of the cowboy life.

With hundreds of miles of trails through some of the most scenic areas in America, exploring the outdoors at Three Forks Ranch is something everyone enjoys. Let us pack a lunch for you and away you'll go. You can find a special place and have a picnic overlooking a remote canyon and stream. You'll have it all to yourself or share it with family and friends. There's plenty of elbow room at Three Forks Ranch!

Carriage Rides

Hunting Guides

What a delightful end to an exhilarating day at Three Forks. "Jack" and "Jill" eagerly await to deliver you to the lodge after a day of fishing. Perhaps you would like a carriage ride to one of our famous river lunches. Another guest favorite is to forego cocktail hour for the pre-dinner wildlife tour. It's close to the magical hour. Will the deer and elk be out grazing yet?

Three Forks Ranch and The state of Colorado have teamed together to offer the finest, no-hassle hunting experience on the planet.
Through Colorado's Ranching for Wildlife program Three Forks Ranch offers Bugling Bull Elk hunts, Trophy Mule Deer hunts and Spot and Stalk Antelope hunts.


Sporting Clays

Upon purchasing Three Forks Ranch, David Pratt quarterbacked the heavy lifting on the most extensive, privately financed river restoration project in the history of America. He then passed the ball to Mother Nature to complete the healing process, by revegetating the banks, recruiting the hatches, and beginning the natural reproduction process. The result: Fly Fishing Nirvana.

Nestled in a picturesque Aspen valley, the Elk Ridge Sporting Clays Course offers our hunting and fishing guests a challenging diversion from the days regular activities. Designed by Mr. Gordon Phillips from Kansas City, Missouri, the course offers 14 shooting stations. The Boone and Crockett 50-shot course is designed for the novice to intermediate shooter.

Winter Activities

Winter is a magical time at Three Forks. A quiet solitude besets the land. Mother Nature is replenishing her stores and our many winter activities offer an opportunity to explore this special mesmerizing time and place.
Whether whisking along on a snowmobile, gliding quietly along on cross-country skis, or trekking along on a self-paced snowshoe tour, the breathtaking beauty of winter surrounds you. It is a time of bracing temperatures and hearty appetites, when the contrast between the silent, snowy wonderland and the warmth and luxury inside the lodge is at its height. What better way to complete your day with a warm drink, restorative massage, and convivial relaxation?

Alpine Skiing

Cross-country skiing

As part of winter adventure package, The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks Ranch have created the hassle-free answer to downhill skiing on Steamboat's legendary Champagne Powder covered slopes.

At Steamboat you are met by your guide/instructor. Equipment fitting is expedited, and there are no ticket lines or lift lines.

Cross-Country skiing may be the transportation of choice at the Three Forks Ranch winter wonderland. 50km of well-groomed trails criss-cross the ranch offering exhilarating exercise and breath-taking vistas of this mountain paradise. The Lord worked overtime when he created this 50,000-acre monument to nature, and what better way to see it than gliding quietly on cross-country skis. With trails to accommodate everyone from the novice to the seasoned veteran, your guide will help you explore this unspoiled special place.



Snowshoeing at Three Forks Ranch takes you back into the history of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Snowshoes were the mode of transportation for all of the mountain men that explored and trapped for fur in this animal rich river valley.
Snowshoeing offers you the opportunity to get away from the groomed trails, set your own pace, and explore the ranch much the same as did these mountain explorers from the 1800's. Ask your guide to help you watch for signs of beaver, mink, and other wildlife as you venture into our backcountry.

If there ever was five-star snowmobiling, this is it. 50,000 private acres, no crowds, more than 100 miles of guided trails, and acre after acre of unspoiled open powder. All rides are guided, using our new environmentally sound four-cycle snowmobiles. See the backside of Circle Ridge, explore East and West Gibraltar, gawk at the beauty of Three Forks, Piney, and Columbus Mountains. Keep an eye on the south-facing slopes of Gold Blossom Rock for the hardy bull elk that winter in this rugged country. Your guide will point out to you the lonely coyote trying to make a living until Spring arrives.

Dog Sledding

Sleigh Rides

Dog Sledding "Mush!!" "Mush!!" New words to your vocabulary, but absolutely necessary as you guide your dog team along the South Fork of the Little Snake River. That's right!! You get to drive the team. With a little instruction and lots of encouragement, you'll be a teamster in no time.

The beautiful distinctive Vis-à-vis sleigh is perfect for one or two couples. Offering day rides, or evening pre-dinner rides, life slows down. You can actually hear the gurgling of the river under the ice and the red-tailed woodpecker tapping a tune on an adjacent pine tree.